e-Commerce Instore Picking - a new Logistar module

This new SaaS solution adapts to different store formats and guarantees retailers more orders processed across all distribution channels. It automates and optimizes in-store logistics tasks and allows different delivery methods to the customer (drive, home delivery, click and collect, locker withdrawal). Logistar Instore Picking is available in 3 languages (English, French, Italian) ​​and is used in Carrefour Group stores in France and Italy.

A concrete answer to the store's new logistical challenges

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and changing consumer demands, many stores now have to manage complex logistics and handle large volumes, without having the capabilities of a traditional warehouse.

DSIA has designed

the Logistar Instore Picking solution for this,

a tool adapted to the physical, human and commercial constraints of the store.

Instore Picking - a new Logistar module
Logistar Instore Picking

A functional tool serving the retailers logistics performance

Taking the main functionalities of a classic warehouse management software (WMS), Logistar Instore Picking adapts them to the different configurations of a store: preparations only in store or in reserve and in store. The solution places at the heart of the process a constrained optimization engine and algorithms for automating administrative tasks to improve simplicity and efficiency.

Equipped with an ergonomic interface allowing a quick start, Logistar Instore Picking allows the user to manage his logistics in real time, the algorithms calculating, for each situation, the optimal organization of order preparation according to the characteristics of the products, customer deadlines and the distance to be covered (automatic scheduling / launching, pre-packing of orders and intelligent distribution of missions by zone).

For an urgent package, the tool is able to dynamically reprioritize the portfolio of preparations and process it following emergencies in order to meet delivery deadlines to the customer. By automating the management of order preparation, Logistar Instore Picking drastically reduces downtime and enables significant productivity gains.

Support the e-commerce growth of retailers in France and Worldwide.

Easy to deploy on a single site or a network of distribution points, the Logistar Instore Picking solution fits perfectly into the strategy of omnichannel transformation of Retailers in France to support them internationally.

Available in 3 languages, Logistar Instore Picking is deployed in more than 30 Carrefour Group stores in France and Italy where it fulfills an essential function: instantly provides key information on the characteristics and location of the product (position in the shelf, wording, photo) to facilitate the preparation of the order. It also makes it possible to reduce breaks thanks to different substitution algorithms. The Retailer finds, for example, that thanks to Logistar Instore Picking, the staff in their stores can process more orders or spend more time on other tasks within the store, while ensuring the customer a reliable and fast processing. of his order.

"The equation to be resolved was not obvious because it was necessary to achieve a high level of performance, to respect the retailer's customer promise with strong service constraints, while designing a solution that was easy to use for the on-field teams. We have observed during our various start-ups that the functional solution combined with DSIA's full-service offer (software + SaaS + Helpdesk) is particularly well suited to the challenges of a store network: centralized access to configuration, quick start-up and easy remote deployment. In a context of strong development of e-commerce activities, we are convinced that the effectiveness of this offer will meet the challenges of sectors other than the food sector, "explains Olivier Bernard, Business Development Director France at DSIA.