Supply Chain Software Suite Solution Overview

Composed of independent and complementary modules, Logistar enables a perfect synchronization between Supply and Procurement demand, as well as warehouses and transport operations optimization. The Abvalue Supply Chain ANALYTICS module manages and monitors the Supply Chain.

Supply chain suite Logistar

Supply chain management Logistar suite

In blue, the three independent and complementary components of the Logistar offer (OMS, WMS and TMS); in green, Abvalue ANALYTICS, Performance Management Solution, enabling the Supply Chain management and monitoring.

A global expertise

DSIA is the only editor on the market to offer long-lasting and high-performance software solutions for over 30 years, providing complete support both in the solutions design and in daily operational monitoring, all in a SaaS mode.


Complete Software Suite

The Logistar software suite covers the complete scope of Supply Chain activities: Order Management System - OMS, Warehouse Management System - WMS, Transport Management System - TMS and ANALYTICS



Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, Logistics Consulting, Software Development, Operations and Customer Support are combined to ensure consistency and performance.


SaaS Technology

A pioneer, 30 years ago, in the world of hosted applications, DSIA provides services in « Private Cloud » mode.

Why are we different?

Order management, procurement optimization, warehouse and transportation management and optimization, Logistar’s vocation is to speed up the Supply Chain flows. Logistar masters and interprets each link of the Supply Chain, optimizes resource allocation and determines the most efficient processes to improve performance and service levels while meeting ROI targets for the solutions deployed:

  • optimized stock areas
  • optimized productivity and reduced workforce costs
  • optimized transport resources
  • reduced stock levels (WRC)
  • improved service levels
  • performance measure and management

Abvalue Supply Chain ANALYTICS monitors and tracks the Performance of the Supply Chain. It is complementary to the Logistar software suite, and can run independently if the customer has chosen another Supply Chain Management System.

Logistar and Abvalue are solutions provided in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). This model enables a significant reduction in costs thanks to the pooling of resources and to the shift from a fixed cost structure to a « zero investment » variable costs structure. Given its expertise, DSIA guarantees a faster solutions implementation thanks to multidisciplinary teams with the capacity to manage projects, manage operations and find reactive and sustainable solutions.

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As a suite of modules focused on the different Supply Chain activities, Logistar is designed to handle all the Logistics and Customer Service requirements of a company. As modular and flexible solutions, Logistar and Abvalue capabilities may be combined and configured to the specific needs of your particular situation; Logistar and Abvalue are fully compatible with all major ERP systems or other Supply Chain Management Systems. Their integration is simpler thanks to the project teams, whose logistics profile makes it easier and more reliable to integrate solutions with customer systems.

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Developed and implemented by Supply Chain experts for over than 35 years, Logistar is a comprehensive « Customer Business-oriented » solution. It adapts itself to the business specific needs thus enabling to generate enhanced profits. Thanks to a multi-skilled team, Logistics Consulting, Software Development, Operations and Help Desk are combined to guarantee the execution and optimal performance of the Supply Chain activities.

With its large base of international customers, Logistar is a proven product for markets characterized by high risks and tight constraints: markets such as those for Fresh Products, Perishable Products, Cosmetics and High Technology.

A « Drive » (Click and Collect) order available 1h30 after customer order entry, and your shopping delivered to your car 5 minutes after your arrival at the drive-in; a mobile phone, its IMEI and associated SIM card, its accessory products (e.g. a cover and a headset) customized marketing documents within a unique case and with complete serial traceability; an optimized fresh products management taking into account the rules of service and the constraints related to perishable products … challenges that are daily tasks for DSIA.

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Distributors and manufacturers are confronted with constant changes in products and customer demand. Supply Chain processes must thus be able to respond to these changes and to evolve appropriately and to adapt themselves to new trends.

In the world of software solutions, Logistar develops a different approach that allows it to accompany the business evolutions of the markets. With Logistar and its team of Logistics Experts, the Supply Chain has the flexibility to adapt to its environment, whatever its variations: changes in consumption patterns, multichannel distribution and e-Business, changes in packaging methods or supply units, changes in processes, automation and mechanization technology (WCS interface, « Drive-in » kiosks), mobility requirements (radio frequency / vocal, PDA and smartphone), significant changes of volumes (volume growths or seasonal peaks)…

Thanks to a know-how of more than 35 years, DSIA is able to adapt to the logistic requirements in environments with very high constraints and to optimize processes specifically associated to product constraints (perishable goods - UBD / BBD; service constraints – shelf life UBD + x days; manufacturing order numbers and serial numbers follow-up; complex product structure management – e.g. reference, size / color / model; tracking and tracing guarantied; Hazmats monitoring and management; alcohols follow-up and management; weight / price constraints management); to customer service constraints (co-packing; palletization rule); specific procurement requirements (cross docking, synchronized pulled flows, zero stock, adjusted on demand, stocked flow, batch flow); or for complex logistic flows requiring multiple packaging units (pallet / case / piece).

Designed for leading manufacturers and distributors, Logistar provides proven solutions. Its core business sectors: high risks industries, tight constraints products such as perishable goods, cosmetics or high technology.