Solution Logistar WMS - Warehouse Management System

Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System handles Logistics Warehouse Operations activities. Thanks to its feature rich design, Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System optimizes the Planning, Management and Assignment of Warehouse Resources, dramatically increasing Operational Productivity.

Warehouse Management System

A proven and high-precision solution

Providing solutions to high-profile industrials and distributors, DSIA offers proven solutions. DSIA focuses on high-constraint industries, products with high level of constraints such as Food products, Cosmetics or High-technology.

Infrastructures, Time, Human Resources, Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System solution handles Warehouse Operations Activity to enhance Performance at every level. It is designed to implement best practices in terms of Logistics and Warehouse management. Why choose Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System Suite? Thanks to its feature rich design, Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System Suite optimizes the planning, management and assignment of warehouse resources, dramatically increasing operational performance.

Better Planning, reduced Processing time and improved levels of Customer Service

Because it is a predictive system, Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System analyzes each task history to forecast the nature of the future operations. Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System enables you to forecast resource requirements in terms of Time, Infrastructure and HR to execute current input or output orders.

A knowhow in environments with very high constraints

DSIA especially focuses on high demanding industrials and distributors, on products with very high constraints such as the Food industry, Cosmetics or High Tech. Thanks to a knowhow of more than 35 years, DSIA is able to meet the logistics requirements in environments with high complexity and to optimize processes specifically associated to product constraints (sanitary restrictions - UBD / BBD; service constraints – shelf life + x days; follow-up of the manufacturing order numbers and serial numbers; complex BOM management – for example SKU, size / color / model; guarantying tracking and tracing; HAZMATS management; alcohols management; weight / price constraints management), to customer service constraints (delayed differentiation management; palletization rule); to specific procurement requirements (cross docking, synchronized pulled flows, no stock, adjusted according to the customer requests, stock flows, batched flows); to complex logistic flows requiring multiple packaging units (Pallet / case / piece)…

A real-time and optimized assignment of orders to operators

Thanks to its task optimization module, Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System optimizes the management of orders and assigns tasks to operators according to their profile, skills, equipment and geographical locations. Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System embeds all the technologies of the market (Radio Frequency, RFID, Vocal monitoring) and offers specific solutions to drive fulfilment of operations (optimization of carton packaging, for handling special products – perishable goods, alcohol, Hazmats, customized orders processing: B2C orders with documents customization…)

Comprehensive management of human resources

Logistar WMS - Warehouse Management System integrates an optional Labor Management solution that enables to define production standards, plan employees, monitor global and individual performance and efficiently manage profiles and skills. Learn more on Labor Management Solution.

Automated and mechanized warehouse management - Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System manages and integrates with many mechanized solutions: intelligent conveyors, automatic palletizers, packaging machines, automated warehouses, sorters…

Multisite management

Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System embeds multisite configuration solution enabling in particular the creation of a centralized file, the configuration of distribution instructions and the inter-site shipping management.

Monitoring and Decision making tools

Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System integrates all the real-time management, monitoring and reporting tools to control the warehouse operations in real time: receiving, packaging, shipping, etc., at a global level, per site, per type of operation, per delivery area, per operation or per operator. With all these views, managers and decision makers obtain a global and accurate view of the activity, inbound and outbound, to enhance their visibility and understanding of the operation. They can make faster and better decisions for operations and resource assignment. A solution to optimize stocks, speed up flows and generate gains in terms of time and profits.

Functional Scope – Warehouse Management System

  • Provisional planning of the workload and resources (HR, m2/m3, equipment, etc.) by workshops (receiving, picking, shipping) and by period (yearly budget; planning per month, week, day, hour)
  • Transport plan integration (delivery routes, carrier, etc.)
  • Pre-calculation of the load carriers requirements to prepare and transport
  • Optimized Scheduling of Fulfilment activities: stock levels taken into account; shortage management; capacity limits taken into account to prevent saturation and bottle necks; prioritized scheduling based on departure times in the case of « Transport pulled flows »; inclusion of orders in the frame of « Order pulled flows »; synchronization with the supplier procurement to reduce as much as possible the stock (« Synchronized pulled flows »)
  • Decision support for order fulfilment strategies
  • Simulation of resources required before the launching
  • Launching once the scenario is validated

Logistar WMS – Warehouse Management System provides all the « standard » functionalities of a receiving module (management of arrivals, pre-receiving, control, etc.), Logistar WMS has also developed functionalities adapted to the specific businesses of the different Supply Chain actors:

  • Plant: chained receipt and shipping, receipt on stock blocked for quality purposes
  • Distribution warehouse: receipt against open procurement, receipt against ASN
  • Bulk splitting and re-shipping activities: receipt and put to store, pre-packed crossdock
  • Forward warehousing (e-commerce): receipt and put-away direct to pick bin
  • Picking: full pallets, case picking, unit picking (piece)
  • Support for all manual and mechanized picking modes (cf. « Automation » chapter): mono and multiple orders Pick & Pack, global Pick than Pack / Bulk Break Cross-dock, packing on work station, pre-packed cross-dock
  • Pre-cartonisation of shipping containers (pallet, case, tote) and inclusion of specific rules (for example, the customer palletization rule)
  • Travel time optimization in the warehouse: optimization of task interleaving, triangulation of the operators in the warehouse, optimization of the pick paths
  • Added value operations: Repacking, Kitting, Co-packing, Build-to-order (association of customized objects and documents, specific packaging)
  • Cross-Docking
  • Loading control
  • Weight control
  • Shipping and Transport documents printing
  • Management of « Hazmats », « alcohol » documentation
  • EDI with carriers
  • Pallet management
  • Warehouse layout description: geo-positioning of warehouse storage locations for optimized travel times
  • Multi-modal location management (rack, shelf, flow racks) and of the associated type of capacity (volume, palletization, bulk storage)
  • Stock organization and optimization: « Dynamic Slotting » and « Fixed slotting »
  • Stock reservations and allocations
  • Dynamic management of pickings, fixed picking, bulk picking, temporary picking
  • Synchronization of replenishments between workshops (pallet picking, case picking, piece picking)
  • Management of blockings for quality purposes, quarantine, positive release
  • Cycle counting
  • Automatic dispatching of pick tasks based on available pickers (operator qualification, geo-tracking xyz, mechanization elements)
  • Multi-activity task assignment: operator assigned to mono-activity or multiple activities (input + output, put-away / replenishment / picking)
  • Administration, monitoring and control in real time of tasks (mono and multiple workshops)
  • Automatic alerts: delays, resources not available, constraints in terms of circulation and bottle necks, etc.
  • Production monitoring (advance / delay on Activity plan) and productivity monitoring
  • Activity reporting and KPI (dashboard, KPI) in real time and activity follow-up
  • Graphic mapping (tree map) of the workload per workshop / zone
  • Management and integration of mechanized solutions (intelligent conveyors, automatic palletizers, packaging machines, automated warehouses, sorters, etc.), handling tools (forklift, etc.), of picking equipment (« Pick-to-light », « Put-to-light » …) and of the « control » equipment (scale, bar code)
  • Management and integration of RF solutions (radio terminals, vocal solutions)
  • Interface exists with leading automation suppliers
  • Real time tracking and tracing
  • Upstream traceability: trace origin (factory, production line) of an end-product; Downstream traceability: trace & localize end-products from a manufactured batched or serial ID
  • Sanitary constraints management: Best Before Date, Expiring date, release of batches determined by the results of the quality tests (positive release)
  • Service constraints management: shelf life: UBD + x days
  • Input / output time stamping (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO)
  • Standard container identifier (SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code SSCC)
  • Catch weight and traceability (including discrepancies monitoring)
  • Price follow-up (variable weight)
  • Alcohols management
  • Hazmats management
  • Online order entry
  • Real time control / feasibility
  • « Logistar WMS multi-sites » multiple sites management: logistics master data management (product, store and other delivery points, supplier – service rules); distribution of orders to fulfilment sites
  • Management of associated master data (Customer Master Data, Product Master Data, etc.)
  • Consolidated management of stocks with « Logistar WMS e-stock » for enhanced multiple warehouses visibility
  • Multiple owners management for product reservation

Optimization modules for Logistar WMS

« Logistar e-Tracking » module

Logistar e-Tracking is a module dedicated to Product Traceability throughout the Supply Chain, from the warehouse to the customer, enabling you to comply with European Standards. E.g. in a logistic chain of 8 sites and 250 delivery points, a product recall plan is carried out in less than 2 hours.

« Logistar e-Tracing » module

Logistar e-Tracing is an Order Tracing Module. It traces all orders (arrival, execution, departure) and enables the customer to monitor their product’s distribution to customers through warehouse Fulfilment events and Transport events. Sales administrative can, at any time, inform the customer of the status of their order and, on-demand, provide proof of delivery information.

« Logistar Web Ordering » module

Logistar Web Ordering is a Supply Management Module that integrates sale conditions and order entry. It enables you to sort products according to their order frequency and to manage special offers. Thanks to Logistar WMS Web Ordering, you can view your order profiles and enter orders online. It also enables our Web Ordering team to compare product availability with customer orders.

« Logistar Positive Release » module

This module allows an organization to move products pending quality release through the distribution chain, before getting the final agreement from the Quality control, thanks to the status « pending of release ». The quality release instruction is given via a web-enabled module, available to the quality control department, and this module ensures the diffusion of the release instructions to all the warehousing links in the distribution chain. When the quality release is obtained, the product is as close as possible to point of sale, thus enabling significant gains in terms of store shelf life, inventory and Supply Chain reactivity. The Positive Release module allows products under constraints (E.g. Fresh products) to progress through the distribution Supply Chain, and the Logistar WMS solution has built in checks to ensure that the non-released products will not « perish » due to late release (limiting loss of products, especially for fresh products).

« Logistar Web Cross Dock » module

This module enables a supplier to enter information about delivered containers optimizing the organization of the delivery and enabling traceability in the warehouse.

« Logistar Web Multisite » module

This module manages multiple sites logistic master data.

« Logistar Web e-Stock » module

This module enables a consolidated visibility of multiple warehouses stocks.

« Logistar Web e-Booking » module

A web portal for transport providers, Logistar e-Booking is a collaborative exchange platform for EDI transactions. It simplifies and speeds up communication between logistics actors when planning for resources thanks to: order entry and its ability to organize pickups; delivery slots booking and departure-arrival follow-up; KPI monitoring and freight exchange providing secure access to all the actors involved in the transport activity.

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