Fresh products Yoplait


Solution implemented
Logistar WMS
Benefits obtained
Facilitate flows between actors, simplified administration, stock and resource optimization, improved customer service, activity monitored in real time.

How supporting increases in processed product volumes while providing an answer to the specific needs of each warehouse and sales outlet?

To handle the unique requirements of our products and customers Logistar, with its combination of WMS Suites, radio frequency capabilities, e-Tracking, EDI services and Web Ordering, brought us a dedicated solution that provided an answer to the constraints imposed by the handling and storage needs of Ultra-Fresh products; particularly by increasing the flow velocity of our products and thereby reducing storage space, Logistar enabled us to improve the efficiency of our organization as well as our productivity.

Damien Pinot
CIO, Yoplait

Initial situation

Yoplait logistics is organized around 3 plants and 4 dispersion warehouses for 2 markets (Non-home based consumption and specifics) on 4 product segments (600 references), and 1,000 sales.


Necessity to pull the flow and to reduce stock areas with the set-up of tools for all the chain, to disperse the order files on the warehouses, to ensure a complete traceability of products, to have a tool supporting business processes.

Solutions provided by Logistar WMS

Creation of a comprehensive warehouse management solution to the constraints of ultra-fresh activities: with, in addition to Logistar WMS, additional modules such as Logistar Mobile, Logistar e-Tracking, Logistar Web Ordering and Logistar EDI.

Solution running mode

The warehouse management solution implemented ensures

Logistar WMS added values for Yoplait

Gains and benefits obtained