DSIA Logistar : Supply Chain Solution - OMS - WMS - TMS - ANALYTICS

An extended functional coverage

The Logistar software suite covers all Supply Chain activities.
Composed of independent and complementary modules, Logistar enables a perfect synchronization between supply and procurement demand (Logistar Order Management System - OMS), as well as the optimization of your warehouses (Logistar Warehouse Management System - WMS) and of your transport operations (Logistar Transport Management System - TMS). And with Abvalue Supply Chain ANALYTICS module you can monitor, manage and optimize your Supply Chain performance from end to end.

A global expertise

DSIA is the only editor on the market to offer long-lasting and high-performance software solutions for over 30 years, providing complete support both in the solutions design and in daily operational monitoring, all in a SaaS mode.


Complete Software Suite

The Logistar software suite covers the complete scope of Supply Chain activities: Order Management System - OMS, Warehouse Management System - WMS, Transport Management System - TMS and ANALYTICS



Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, Logistics Consulting, Software Development, Operations and Customer Support are combined to ensure consistency and performance.


SaaS Technology

A pioneer, 30 years ago, in the world of hosted applications, DSIA provides services in « Private Cloud » mode.