DSIA vision statement

Supply Chain is a key element of the companies’ productivity and competitiveness in their markets. To bring a solution that combines cost control and improved customer service, DSIA teams have chosen to focus on products behavior on their market and on the purchasing behavior of the customer, developing a market vision of Supply Chain where an exclusively structural vision of logistics prevailed.

This philosophy was initially applied to the supply chain of fresh products. The challenge was to set up a Supply Chain adapted to a high constraints environment, in particular in terms of short product shelf life and stock reduction. The standards that DSIA has developed for this sector of activity have subsequently benefited other high-demanding sectors such as Food, Cosmetic distribution or High Technology.

For each of our customers, teams have the capacity to analyze the characteristics of the market, product and marketing policy of the brand. DSIA solutions enable us to meet a major objective: anticipate and plan the resources allocation according to the commercial flows of the company, in order to optimize the management of the Supply Chain and turn the market constraints into competitive advantages.

High-precision solutions and outstanding business expertise

A presence of 35 years on the European market, long-lasting customers relationships, high-level products quality, expert teams, demonstrate the value of DSIA’s positioning, fully dedicated to Supply Chain performance and complete commitment to the service of each of our customers results.