Supply Chain Performance Solution Abvalue ANALYTICS

Performance Management Tool, Abvalue Supply Chain Performance ANAYTICS is a tool for monitoring and tracking the Supply Chain performance. It provides the means to precisely view the daily operations and the evolution of the business flows, to identify the potential source of productivity gains and to ensure the sustainable performance of the Supply Chain.

Abvalue Supply Chain ANALYTICS

Easy to deploy and compatible with any Supply Chain management system

Abvalue Supply Chain ANALYTICS monitors and tracks the Performance of the Supply Chain. It is complementary to the Logistar software suite, and can run independently if the customer has chosen another Supply Chain Management System. The implementation is easy as Abvalue ANALYTICS is fully compatible with all major ERP systems or other Supply Chain Management. Abvalue ANALYTICS provides operating ranges and work standards (e.g. standard associated to automated and mechanized solutions) to simplify the solution configuration.

A solution for daily performance management of your Supply Chain

Thanks to its knowledge of the structure of your Supply Chain, Abvalue ANALYTICS allows to predict and plan your resources requirements upfront before your production runs, anticipating resources allocations by workshop with daily supervision of your Supply Chain process performance.

A support to Human Resources management

Abvalue ANALYTICS measures the performance of the organization Human Resources on each function, allows a better assessment of the individual or team-level skills and optimizes the management of these skills.

Customized reporting and alerts tools

Abvalue ANALYTICS proposes summary performance reports, which are user configurable. Daily, weekly & monthly activity reporting enables managers to make decisions concerning their Supply Chain organization. Abvalue ANALYTICS also allows you to configure alerts and early detection of trends away from nominal performance.

Abvalue ANALYTICS Optimization modules

« Supply Chain Repository » module

Abvalue Repository is a module that allows you to describe in detail processes, flows, actors and physical aspects of an operation. It enables to specifically specify the operating ranges, to inventory the resources and is based on standard master data for an easier set-up (standard operating ranges, standard master data associated to automatisms and to mechanization elements).

« Supply Chain Labor Management » module

Abvalue Labor Management module is dedicated to Human Resources Management. It allows you to manage the skills and performance of teams, as well as individuals: Activity planning, Skills analysis and Performance assessment.

« Supply Chain Process Monitoring » module

Abvalue Process Monitoring module provides daily support for Performance Monitoring. It provides you with an accurate overview of your daily operations; Abvalue Process Monitoring module provides early warnings on volume and mix change allowing you to identify possible corrective actions.

« Supply Chain Financial Monitoring » module

Abvalue Financial Monitoring module is dedicated to monitoring your daily operational P&L. It allows you to monitor your budgets and analyze your margins for each service provided, as well as watch the results for each segment of activity (e.g. product, customer). Abvalue Supply Chain Financial Monitoring module also provides you with a dashboard configured to the needs of your users.

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