Business support Services

Developed and implemented by Supply Chain experts, Logistar and Abvalue Supply Chain Performance ANALYTICS, solutions provided by DSIA, are « Customer business » solutions. Logistar and Abvalue Supply Chain Performance ANALYTICS adapt themselves to the specific problems their customers face enabling them to generate increased profits. Thanks to a multi-skilled team, Logistics Consulting, Software Development, Operations and Help Desk are combined to guarantee the execution and optimal performance of your Supply Chain activities.

Consulting and Design

Thanks to its different expertises (Business Consulting Engineers, Logistar et Abvalue products Experts, Technical Experts), DSIA accompanies its customers on Logistics Operations organization Consulting missions as well as on the implementation of solutions tailored to precisely meet their needs.

Logistics Organization Solutions Engineering & Consulting

  • Supports Logistics Operations organization design thanks to an analysis of the Supply Chain flows
  • Operational Performance analysis and recommendations

Bottom-up Performance Analysis

Before implementing a DSIA solution, a feasibility study is performed and enables you to obtain a snapshot of your Supply Chain performance and get a diagnosis based on an analysis of business volumes and their impact on your business.

Setup and integration

As a suite of modules focused on the different activities of a Supply Chain, the Logistar software suite is designed to handle all of your logistics and customer service requirements. As modular and flexible solutions, the Logistar solutions capabilities can be combined and adapted to the specific requirements of your particular situation. DSIA teams accompany their customers in the solution setup as well as integration services and specific developments.

Interoperability and interfaces

All DSIA solutions (Logistar and Abvalue) are conceived and developed to be compatible with existing customer systems, be they ERP’s (e.g. SAP, Oracle) or Supply Chain Management Systems (Red Prairie, Infolog, Reflex, ...). Their integration is facilitated by our project teams, whose logistics experience makes the setup of the solutions on the customer systems easier and more reliable.

Project management

DSIA projects are managed by experienced logistics professionals that speak the customers language. Because we are committed to providing customers a tailor-made solution, our logistics experts ensure that their needs and business issues are understood and that their Supply Chain is designed to perform over the long term.

Project teams are there to support customers on a continuous basis, from the development of an understanding of the customer needs, through the implementation of DSIA solutions and ongoing monitoring of the customer Supply Chain’s performance.

User Acceptance Tests

To ensure the proper operation of the customer solution, before training begins and before the solution is implemented, DSIA carries out acceptance tests: solution pre-golive tests.

Customer Support

Customer Support dedicated to business users

DSIA is not limited to a single technical support level like a traditional SaaS operator. The Customer Support provides an answer to all the business issues of the users: from the Operator, to the Receiver, as well as the truck Driver, all Supply Chain actors have access via a predefined procedure to a business support that provides an answer to any question on Operations, Management and Systems defects.

24/6 Availability, Multiple languages

To avoid failures and ensure continuity of service, the Customer Support is available 24/6 (except Sundays). The availability of our Customer Support guarantees an optimum responsiveness when managing incidents, thanks to our Quality procedures (based on ITIL recommendations). This performance is highlighted by our customers in our Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Dedicated teams per country

DSIA accompanies closely the geographical expansion of its customers, offering dedicated support teams, mastering the « local » language and physically located in the geographical area of reference. In this context, DSIA teams are located in Russia and China.

Training and Implementation Support

Customer support teams master Supply Chain issues and the specific business context of customers. They possess a strong expertise in technical IT areas and master DSIA applications, as well as their technical architecture.

This technical expertise, combined with business knowledge, give them a global knowledge of the applications set-up. This in-depth knowledge allows our Customer Support Technicians to train « super-users » as well as less experienced personnel.

SaaS solution

SaaS for more than 35 years

DSIA has been providing its software solutions in SaaS mode for more than 35 years. As such, users access to most solutions from an internet browser in a few clicks.

Reduced costs and a shift from a fixed cost to a "zero investment" variable cost structure

Logistar and Abvalue are proposed as SaaS solutions (Software as a Service). One of the main advantages of this software model is the upfront investment savings. There are no direct costs for machines or Operations personnel to fund for Software Hosting, Production and Operations. The DSIA teams provide all Data Back-up, Disaster Recovery, Customer Support and Application Management Services.

Skills to serve you

Supply Chain Consultants, Software Projects Managers, Systems & Networks Engineers, Customer Support Engineers, DSIA is supported by an organization of highly capable Supply Chain experts. This ensures you that a Logistar or Abvalue solution will meet your requirements. Developed and managed by Supply Chain and Logistics experts, Logistar and Abvalue are complete business solutions. This expertise guarantees that your issues are well understood and that the Logistar or Abvalue solution developed for you is the best answer to your Supply Chain needs.

100 % Reliability

DSIA teams are committed to finding the best solutions and to ensuring the availability of its customers Supply Chain Operations. Thanks to its SaaS Hosting model and to a 24/6 presence, Logistar and Abvalue flexibility and reliability are complete.

A highly available solution, streamlined for mission critical environments

With solutions strictly defined and an extraordinary commitment to Operational Monitoring and System availability, Logistar and Abvalue are the market leading solutions for mission critical and / or value market sectors. DSIA, thanks to its team know-how and total security approach, constitutes real Supply Chain added-value: multi-channel distribution; rapid delivery; high product constraints and process complexity; controlling these difficulties is part of DSIA’s daily routine.

A scalable system, adapting quickly to professional changes, whatever the capacity required

Distributors and industrial companies are confronted with constant changes in Marketing approaches and Customer Demand. Supply Chain processes must be able to anticipate these changes and to evolve, to adapt themselves to new trends. In the software solutions world, Logistar & Abvalue have developed a different approach, one that enables them to dynamically adapt to these market changes.

With DSIA and its team of professionals, the Supply Chain has the capacity to adapt itself to its environment, whatever the variations: changes in consumption patterns, changes in packaging modes or supply units, changes in processes, mechanization, multi-channels distribution…