Supply Chain Solution SaaS technology

A pioneer, 35 years ago, in the world of hosted applications, DSIA provides software as a service in « private cloud » mode for major Industry and Retail players, enabling them to optimize their logistics and their global Supply Chain.

Saas Player

DSIA offers best-in-class solutions and ensures the availability of Supply Chain operations. Thanks to the SaaS mode and a 24/6 presence, DSIA’s speed of reaction and reliability are total.

A reduction in costs and a shift from a fixed cost structure to a « zero investment » variable costs structure

Logistar and Abvalue are solutions provided in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). One of the major advantages of this model is the investment saving achieved by the customer. No machines and no human resources to finance to manage the hosting, production and operation of the software solutions. Another advantage of the SaaS is the provision of services delivered by multidisciplinary teams with the capacity to manage projects, manage operations and find reactive and sustainable solutions.

A solution highly available, designed for mission critical environments

Logistar is the market solution best suited to high-value sectors and high value-added products, with a high degree of rigor in the definition of its solutions and an exemplary commitment to operational monitoring. By combining its know-how and total security, Logistar offers true Supply Chain added value: multi-channel distribution, rapid delivery, high product constraints and complexity of processes. Controlling these difficulties is part of DSIA’s daily routine.

A scalable system, adapting quickly to professional changes, whatever the capacity required

Distributors and manufacturers are confronted with constant change in products and customer demand. Supply chain processes must thus be able to respond to these changes and to evolve appropriately and to adapt themselves to new trends.

With DSIA and its team of logistics experts, the Supply Chain has the flexibility to adapt to its environment, whatever its variations: changes in consumption patterns, changes in packaging methods or supply units, changes in processes, mechanization, multi-channel distribution…

An up-to-date solution with the latest developments and enhancements

Logistar and Abvalue customers benefit from a continuous upgrade program, free of charge and in a transparent manner.

Access to applications from any work station, in multiple languages

Based on state of the art technologies, Logistar and Abvalue can be accessed from any browser connected to the internet in just a few clicks.

Research and development

A significant and continuous investment in R&D, guaranteeing the quality and scalability of solutions

DSIA places a high value on continually improving Logistar and Abvalue. 15% of turnover is devoted to enhancing and developing new capabilities based on the latest Supply Chain technologies. These investments have resulted in the integration of pick by voice capabilities, RFID data capture, a component and service oriented architecture…

Software developers are dedicated to developing Logistar and Abvalue solutions:

  • 60 engineers/project managers dedicated to the development of new functionalities,
  • 15 network engineers and database administrators dedicated to developing the IT architecture.

Implementation of Agile methodology, guaranteeing short development cycles adapted to customer needs

DSIA solutions are « user-oriented », their goal is to meet expectations in terms of performance and solution availability.

Professional hosting

Fault-tolerant and highly secure hosting

Technical resources are hosted in a highly secure and responsive environment, with best-in-class solutions for servers, disks, back-up systems and operating tools:

  • Operating systems UNIX AIX on IBM System pSeries platforms,
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) storage EMC² and IBM backup units,
  • PostgreSQL and Progress databases, JBoss application server, TIVOLI and BMC production and management tools,
  • EDI portal with software and EDI formats covering industry standards.

A proactive Hardware investment policy

Servers are replaced every 3 years to guarantee that up to date and reliable technology is used and to ensure that service and price / performance is constantly being improved.

Every 3 years, DSIA IT investments amount to 2 to 3 million Euros. The components of the technical architecture are acknowledged as «leaders» by Gartner in the magazine: «Creating a best-in-class data center».

All services are delivered 24/6 and ITIL processes are used to ensure that controlled transition management and continuity management is achieved.

Security and privacy

Redundant infrastructure to ensure data security and solutions availability

Given the stakes associated with Supply Chain availability, DSIA IT and physical security is total:

  • Twin separated technical centers, autonomous and fully interconnected with optical fiber connections;
  • Double telecom optical loop for high availability to external telecom access points;
  • Storage with synchronous real time mirrors;
  • Multiple security devices regularly controlled and audited.

Each technical center possesses:

  • 1 Server room of 250m²
  • 1 Management and Control room
  • 1 Primary network attachment with a major telecoms operator
  • 1 Secondary network attachment with a major telecoms operator
  • 2 UPSs supplying both technical centers
  • 1 Diesel generator supplying both technical centers
  • 2 Air conditioning supplying both centers
  • 1 Transformer
  • 1 Fire detection system
  • 1 Access and intrusion control, with electronic surveillance

This architecture and its technical components enable us to meet global SaaS requirements:

  • Use of international standards
  • Availability of the systems and transparency in case of failure,
  • Quality assurance and service continuity
  • Ensure maximum security, 
  • Control of costs and environment durability

A strict policy for securing network access

IT security is supported by dedicated personnel, who apply a strict security policy. Web, customer and internal network access are separated, with synchronized double firewalls, controlled by real-time monitoring of intrusion attempts and threats.

A strict physical access policy

Concerning physical security, we control access rights and zone specific privileges to detect intrusions. We keep track of all present and past movements, as well as a double video recording via internal and external cameras. The fire and flood detection systems are also optimized with real-time offset detection systems.

Regular audits (internal and external) guaranteeing security

Internal and external audits are carried out on a regular basis. DSIA also offers its customers specific on-demand audits with their own security experts.