Webinar Multi-warehouses performance

DSIA is pleased to invite you to its Webinar “Multiple warehouses operational and budget performance management”, with feedback from Carrefour.

On the Agenda

Multiple sites logistics performance

has long been an important lever for competitiveness and customer loyalty.

However, several questions arise regarding its monitoring and optimization:  

  • What are the challenges of a multiple sites logistics performance project for a large-scale distribution company?
  • Financial performance: another facet for visualizing logistics performance. What criteria should be considered to track and drive multiple sites profits?
  • Choosing the right tool cannot be improvised! A tool that serves both analytical and operational needs. What is the difference between BI tools and tools dedicated to performance management?
  • How can you get 100% of your staff involved in an operational performance monitoring project? What mistakes should be avoided?


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Multi-warehouses performance
Webinar Carrefour & DSIA


  • Cédric Pensivy, Methods & Process Manager, National O&M
  • Mathieu Cheminais, Warehouse Director in Vendin, CARREFOUR,
  • Olivier Bernard, Director of Development France, DSIA
  • Emmanuel Barriere, Project Director, DSIA,


This webconference is organized in partnership with Supply Chain Village and will be moderated by Jean-Philippe Guillaume, Editorial Director of Supply Chain Village.

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