Paris, Coeur Défense Value Chain Software 2017

Meet up with DSIA at Value Chain Software 2017, the Digital Supply Chain Experts meeting, on June 15 2017, in Paris, Cœur Défense – Tour A (Centre de conférences)

Value Chain Software 2017

The digital Supply Chain Experts meetings

Value Chain Software is a privileged meeting place between decision-makers and industry professionals and is based on a program of technical conferences and pre-organized meetings with business experts.

Value Chain Software focuses on Supply Chain Management innovative softwares and methods that organizations can leverage to ensure the successful digitization of all of their Supply Chain components.

Value Chain Software 2017
June 15 2017, in Paris, Cœur Défense

Meet DSIA teams at Value Chain Software 2017

DSIA teams will be present at Value Chain Software 2017, to share with you the latest advances in Supply Chain management.

The Logistar software suite covers all the activities of the Supply Chain: composed of independent and complementary modules, Logistar enables a perfect synchronization between Supply and Procurement demand (Logistar Order Management System - OMS), as well as warehouses (Logistar Warehouse Management System - WMS) and transport operations optimization (Logistar Transport Management System - TMS). The Abvalue Supply Chain ANALYTICS module enables to manage and monitor the Supply Chain.

Date: June 15, 2017
Location: Paris - Cœur Défense - Tour A (Centre de Conférences)

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